Wednesday, December 01, 2004



DTC officially stands for Dossier to China. Prior to this there was months of paperwork, known as the paperchase. The paperchase consisted of physicals, FBI background checks, permission from immigrations to bring a child into the country, a homestudy from a social worker, and on, and on, and on. During the paperchase your one and only goal is to be DTC. We were offically DTC on November 22, 2004. On November 30, 2004, I learned that our paperwork had been logged into the CCAA (Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs). Yippeee! China knew who we were and that we wanted to adopt a little girl.
I was so excited that I called a woman in Iowa, Linda, who I met on the internet. I knew that we had sent in our paperwork at the same time to the same adoption agency, Bethany Christian Services. We celebrated together on the phone, two strangers untied on a parallel journey.

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