Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Day 5 in Wuhan Prison

The troops are getting restless. One of the men is sick with some type of head-cold. The food is getting monotonous. Morale is low. We found out we won’t get the baby’s passports today. We have to pack tonight and get up in the morning, take care of our passport stuff, then rush to the airport. When we land in Ghounzhou, we have to get off of the plane and get their final medical inspection done.

Today we went to Walmart here in Wuhan since we don’t have one back home (ha ha). It was a multi-story building in the center of town and of course the women bought more junk. They have a cool escalator that you can take shopping carts on. The wheels are grooved so the shopping cart gets grabbed by the escalator and won't slide down the slope. The cab ride was more entertaining than the shopping. We saw the heart of the city and some interesting neighborhoods that had some old buildings and little mom and pop shops of all varieties. The drivers of the three cabs wove in and out of traffic narrowly missing each other, pedestrians, and other moving and non-moving obstacles. We tipped both of our drivers for the sheer entertainment of the ride.

We came back to the hotel and started packing. Tiana picked up some Budweiser’s from the street vendor and we had a small happy hour. Ariana is doing great with her learning to walk and today was an outstanding day for me. She lets me carry her around now and she will hang out with me while Tiana is out of the room without being upset. She actually asked for me to hold her for the first time during breakfast. Another first—she rode in the snugli while I wore it and slept on me for about an hour. She even let Reidar pick her up today and hold her hands while she walked around. She is clearly happy and comfortable with our family now and all is good. We are looking forward to going to the fancy White Swan Hotel in Ghounzhou tomorrow and to get the rest of her paperwork squared away so we can come on home.

One last thing—Reidar is strangely fascinated with Chinese cartoons despite the fact that he cannot understand a word they are saying. We even bought him a few. Go figure.

Hi Cean and Tiana - I will arrive in Beijing on Sept. 12 and then go to Pingyao on Sept. 15. Grandpa Burch's color World War II photos will be displayed at the Pingyao International Photography Festival from Sept 16-22. I'll come home to Montreal on Sept 25. Your family unit seems to be getting "tighter" each day. I am so happy for you.
Uncle Bob
Reider.......you must be so excited that your baby sister lets you carry her now. You are going to have so much fun with your sister as a playmate everyday. Logan wants to watch the Chinese cartoons when you get them home.

Cean...you need to seek a writing career. I feel so much like I am right there with you when reading your journals.

So glad to hear that Ari is bonding so well with everyone. I am sure it will just continue to get stronger and stronger each day.

We are looking forward to your return. WE MISS YOU ALL!!!
What a family you have created. With your charming personality, Cean, it is no wonder your beautiful daughter has warmed so much to you. Enjoy the remainder of your trip as much as you can.

Judy O
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