Monday, September 05, 2005


Monday Night in Wuhan

Ari in Michigan State Regalia

We visited the Yellow Crane Pagoda today in the pouring rain. Ari still only wants Mama to carry her. I can hold her for short periods of time but only if Tiana is using the bathroom or the shower. We tried having Tiana down the hall for a short while to see if Ari would flip out and she did after about 5 minutes. Its hard not to have her seek comfort from me despite the fact that she will let me feed her and play with her.

She fell asleep near dinnertime so I sent Tiana down to the pool to soak in the Jacuzzi for a while. She wasn’t gone for half an hour when Ari woke up and started fussing and crying. I was able to occupy her some but she wasn’t happy at all until Tiana came home.

The pagoda is on a piece of high ground overlooking the city and was a military emplacement. It’s architecturally very interesting and surrounded by gardens and a pond with geese. Of course there were shops and more souvenirs were purchased. The coolest part of the trip, though, was when we purchased some drinks from a vendor at the base of the pagoda. When Ari saw the bottled water, she said something to the Chinese woman there that she has said over and over to us and the woman actually understood her. She was saying “yeogh hu’” which means want drink. We thought she was just whining or baby talking but our guide confirmed it. Now we know when she does this that she wants a drink so it has really helped us to understand her a bit better and respond to her needs.

When we got back, we ate at KFC again since it is the best food we’ve had in China. We went to the arcade again and Reidar used his own money to buy a small remote controlled car. Tonight we went down to the dinner buffet and for the 5th day in the row the buffet choices were the same so we are extremely frustrated. I guess we’ll try Pizza Hut tomorrow. We had a scare with Reidar as he had a stomach ache at dinner but he took a Tums and he is fine now. Its probably just the weird diet we’ve been on since we got here. I can’t wait to go to Ghounzhou because they are supposed to have better food in their hotel restaurant. If it’s anything like Beijing we should be fine but it will be hard to spend another whole day and a half here until we leave. WE ARE BORED.

One other thing--Ari must be getting better nutrition now because she walked 15 steps today down the hallway without assistance. When we got her four days ago all she could do was barely stand holding onto something. She only averages like 4 or 5 steps free walking but she keeps getting more courageous and her balance continues to improve. She continues to eat and poop non-stop.

I didn't realize we could leave our comments or else I would have wrote before. Ari is absolutely beautiful. I love that picture with the State outfit on. Cean's writings are wonderful. They are so him and he describes everything like we are all right there with you guys. Can't wait till you guys come back - MISS YOU! Laura
Hi Everbody!
I didn't know I could write back. I've been faithfully reading Cean's account of your great adventure everyday. What a great way to have your family and friends experience this wonderful event with you. Ari is absolutely beautiful--she's very lucky to be joining your family!!

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