Saturday, September 03, 2005


Saturday in Wuhan

We went shopping today and scored some more deals. Our main goal was really to get out of the hotel as this was our first free day we've had and we wanted to stretch our legs a little. The wierd thing about our situation right now is that we have to spend three more days here in the province according to the local rules even though we finalized our adoption yesterday. The other wierd thing is that she is officially ours but still officially a Chinese Citizen without a visa or naturalization papers so she's ours but we can't take her home until we process the rest of her paperwork in Ghounzhou next week.

She only wants Tiana today. I can hardly hold her unless Tiana is in sight and she mostly wants Tiana to hold her. She was happy as a clam all day as long as she was on Tiana's hip. She took a nap and woke up from it cranky. She is sweaty and we thought maybe she has a fever but our guide told us that they sweat because they are malnourished. We bought the local formula but she won't take it. She only wants this fake milk-like substance (think crab with a "k") that is mostly sugar which our guide told us not to give the babies (it was given to us in a bag with some other snacks when we got her). It apparently has about as much nutritional value as a tootsie roll. We gave her a mix of this sugar crap and American formula which she is drinking so hopefully we can get her calcium up so she will be a little steadier on the walking and the sweats will stop as we wean her off of the junk and onto pure formula.

I'm hoping she will warm up to me again soon. It will take a couple of days, I think. One good note is that I stubbed my foot pretty good in the hotel room and she could tell I was hurt pretty bad and it made her upset. So to summarize, she doesn't like me but she doesn't dislike me enough to want to see me hurt. Right now she is crying for her mama (foster) and very fussy which seems to happen each afternoon. This is when she is having the flashbacks to the foster family. It will subside eventually but for now its hard to go through. We will keep making her as comfortable as possible and give her as many healthy bonding activities as we can over the next few days since we don't have any official meetings to worry about.

Tiana has borrowed a snugli while I am blogging because her arms and back are aching pretty badly (see attached picture). We are going down to dinner now, so I'll give another update later. One other thing I wanted to mention is that she plays a lot with the cell phone and blanket we brought. We sent duplicates of both these to her months ago and we think she finds comfort in them as she must have played with them when she was with her foster family. We also found out that the disposable camera we sent was given back to us so we'll develop these pictures when we get to Ghounzhou.

Congratulations! How exciting it must be to have Ari in your arms finally! We can't wait to meet her when you get back - we will NOT be out of town next weekend so hopefully we'll get to see her very soon!

Meagan & all
Your sweet baby girl is just beautiful, and even more so in person I'm sure. We are so very happy for you all and can't wait to have you back home. Ari is so lucky to have you as her new family! Thomas sends kisses to Ari (and so do we!) Big hugs to the big dog.

Love, Bert, Jen & Thomas
Reider your new baby sister is just beautiful. We are so happy for you all and we can't wait for you to get home. Haley and Logan say hi.
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