Sunday, September 04, 2005


Sunday in Wuhan

Today is a good day! Ari had another good night’s sleep and woke up with no crying. She let me pick her up out of the crib and then I was able to feed her bananas, vegetable puffs, rice cereal, and nutri-grain bars. The daddy drought appears to be over. She still wants Tiana when she fusses sometimes and doesn’t want the family to ever separate. If Reidar or I are away, she gets upset. She wants us all to stay in the same general area with her which is good. She let Tiana take a shower this morning while Reidar and I hung out with her which is an improvement over yesterday. We think she is teething and this fussiness is the time when she only wants Mommy.

This morning while I was giving her a drink she heard Reidar’s voice when he woke up and she booked over to him (with me holding her hands). She played on Reidar’s bed where she could look out the window (her favorite thing to do). Breakfast went good and now she happily played on the bed with Mommy and Reidar. I think the worst is behind us but I’m sure there is still a way to go.

She doesn’t like the dress that Tiana put on her this morning because its hard for her to crawl in. A lot of the clothes we brought are too big and she will be wearing the same outfits for a while until we can get her some smaller ones. After three attempts, Tiana was able to get her to keep a bow in her hair.

I found out that I can see my own blog site through AOL so I signed up for a free trial so I could see what I posted and the comments so keep the comments coming—I can see them now! For some reason, China doesn’t like certain sites when viewed through Internet Explorer. The guys in IT will never forgive me for using AOL.

More random thoughts on China front:

Manual Labor: They do a lot of things by hand here. At our first hotel, two guys in regular street clothes were working with hammers and chisels breaking up concrete around a manhole cover outside the hotel. Of course as I mentioned, China is one big construction site and there is a lot of building going on. Here in Wuhan they are tearing out the old sidewalks and putting in new ones—all by hand. When buildings are demolished, they reduce it to rubble where it stands. The scaffolding here is made one piece at a time of actual bamboo held together with strapping tape like you use to tie up shipping boxes. There aren’t planks on the scaffolding either. I guess the workmen straddle the scaffolding while they work. These bamboo scaffold rigs can go up for several stories.

Hi Cean and Tiana - this is your Uncle Bob in Montreal. I've been following your daily adventures with tears and laughter. YES, you can drink the local ice in hotels. They buy enormous bottles of purified water and use it for everything. Just a note ... I will be back in Beijing the same day you guys leave for MI. Too bad. Enjoy the rest of your time in China. What a Little Cutie she is.
Hey's me...Kelly. Just figured out how to comment. What you all must be experiencing right now. She is BEAUTIFUL. I took her photos over to Tracy's last night so show everyone because no one else has access this weekend, I guess. We have been going stir crasy awaiting photos. I got up yesterday at 5:30 a.m. to check and low-and-behold, there she was. We miss you and hopr you are all enjoying Ari. See ya soon!
Hey, it's Adam. While I've been watching your postings for a few days, I've just started to figure out the commenting thing. Hope this works...

First off, CONGRATULATIONS! It's great to see all of you together finally and things progressing so well. Your adventures in China up to Ariana's arrival were great, and now that there are more of you, they're even better. (Don't forget Cean, it will now be 3/4 of your family sleeping while you blog away, not 2/3... :~)

I'm guessing that sometime down the road, you'll be using a math equation that my sister and broter-in-law have posted above their garage 'One Plus One Equals Five."

Keep up the good reports. Congratulations again.

Talk to you soon!


p.s. If you need some help getting everything Tiana's been buying up back into the country, let me know, I've got some connections at the Customs department. ;~)
Hi there! This is Aunt Brenda, keeping track of all of you. Ari is precious! Glad everything is going well so far for you and I know you will be anxious to get home to show Ari to her grandmas and all your families and friends. Good luck, and have a safe trip home. I'll be checking in on the blog every day. Love to all, aunt Brenda
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